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A fair and balanced review from a foodie’s perspective.

Southwest Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich1 - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

If you’re looking for a unique place to try for breakfast, this is a great place to in Prescott if you’re a genuine, bonafide foodie (or just a fattie).

This was our first time coming to The Local and our first impression was a good one! We were recommended this place to try on Facebook when looking for the best sour dough breakfast sandwich in town.

Well, we’ll have to try their sour dough breakfast sandwich next time, because we ended up ordering something even better. 

For Foodies By Foodies (FFBF) Highly Recommended.

Southwest Sunrise Sandwich – FFBF RATING – 5/5

Southwest Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

This sandwich has to have been one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had!

It comes on a homemade English muffin with arugula, tomato, avocado, cheddar cheese, ginger aioli, and topped with a sunny side up egg.

It’s served open faced and the presentation is amazing! It also comes with a side of your choice, which I will get to in a moment.

First of all, when I bit into this sandwich, I immediately tasted something I had never tasted before and had to know what that sauce was (the ginger aioli). This flavorful, tangy sauce caused an explosion of taste in my mouth!

I literally closed my eyes after taking the first bite and said, “wow!” The vegetables were very fresh and added an amazing blend to this breakfast sandwich.

Yukon Gold Smashers Loaded with Bacon, Cheese, and Green Onion – FFBF RATING – 5/5

Yukon Gold Smashers Loaded with Bacon, Cheese, and Green Onion - The Local - Taken By For Foodies By Foodies

These deliciously flavored and well seasoned Yukon potatoes will melt in your mouth and are causing my mouth to water as I write this review.

They tasted amazing and had a great texture of not too mushy, but not too crunchy, just right.

They had just enough salt and the mixture of Bacon, Melted Cheddar Cheese and Green onions on top was a perfect blend.

Hammie Sammie – FFBF RATING – 3/5

Hammie Sammie Breakfast Sandwich - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

First of all, they made a mistake and forgot to put the fig jam on the sandwich. This caused the sandwich to be quite dry.

We noticed it and they brought us a side of the fig jam. It still didn’t help much because it wasn’t on both side and was kind of difficult to put on it without melted cheese and what not.

However, the flavor was decent, but definitely not the most amazing sandwich you’ll ever have.

Comes with hand cut ham, havarti cheese, sautéed onions, and fig jam on grilled multigrain bread.

It also comes with a choice of a side.

Sweet Potatoes – FFBF RATING – 3/5

Sweet Potatoes - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

The sweet potatoes were cooked decently and were fresh, but they lacked a lot of flavor and didn’t have hardly any seasoning, if any at all.

Perhaps adding sautéed garlic or something would help.

Customer Service – FFBF RATING – 5/5

Restaurant Atmosphere3 - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

The customer service that we received was excellent!

From the moment we walked in the door until we left, we felt right at home.

We were warmly greeted by more than one of the restaurant staff and seated in a timely manner.

Our drinks were kept full and they were very hospitable, even willing to tell us more about the restaurant.

Also, the speed of service was in less than 5 minutes after we’d placed our order.

Cleanliness – FFBF RATING – 4.5/5

Restaurant Atmosphere2 - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

I can’t say it’s the cleanest restaurant I’ve ever been to, but it definitely was clean!

Atmosphere- FFBF RATING – 5/5

Restaurant Atmosphere1 - The Local - Taken by For Foodies By Foodies

I was not expecting how unique this place would be.

It has a very laid back, almost hippie feel.

From the local paintings on the wall to the Open kitchen, this was a great experience.

Overall rating: 4.35/5

Overall, For Foodies By Foodies highly recommends that you try this place when you visit Prescott, AZ or if you live here, you have to try it!

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