Barbudo’s Cantina

A fair and balanced review from a foodie’s perspective.

Spicy Green Green Burrito - Barbudo's Cantina - Prescott, AZ - Taken By For Foodies By Foodies

Had a great experience at Barbudos Cantina, one of our favorite, unique dining experiences in the Prescott area. This place has been here for many years now and has gained credibility with my wife and I as a place to go when we want a different style of Mexican food that is authentic in its own way.

For Foodies By Foodies (FFBF) highly recommends Barbudos.

Green Green Burrito – FFBF RATING – 5/5

This burrito is a flour tortilla filled with mouth watering refried beans, juicy shredded beef, melted cheese, and covered in a spicy green tomatillo sauce.

When I say spicy, I mean it! If you don’t like spicy, be warned if you try this.

If you do like to eat spicy food, you will love this burrito!

The flavor is a tangy, spicy, and filled with seasoning! I’ve never had a burrito that tasted like this.

Chips and Salsa – FFBF RATING – 5/5

They make their own homemade chips and salsa.

They have 3 different salsas that they bring out: Mild, Medium, and Hot.

My wife mentioned during our meal that this is one of the only Mexican restaurant in the Prescott area that when they say the salsa is spicy, it actually is. Lol.

Their salsa is spicy, garlicky, a nice blend of different peppers, and very flavorful. Definitely a foodie kid of salsa.

I also found out later that they actually sell their salsa to other stores and restaurants.

Decor – FFBF RATING – 5/5

Front Room Decor - Barbudo's Cantina - Prescott, AZ - Taken By For Foodies By Foodies

They have a great Baja California atmosphere when you walk in the entrance to their restaurant with surf boards and pictures of the ocean and surfers on the walls.

Very good decorations that have their own style and are not tacky or too much though.

Cleanliness – FFBF RATING – 4/5

Dining Room Decor1 - Barbudo's Cantina - Prescott, AZ - Taken By For Foodies By Foodies

The restaurant was very clean, both inside and outside the restaurant. But, I wouldn’t give them a 5 simply because the bathrooms weren’t spotless.

Customer Service – FFBF RATING – 5/5

Front Room Decor1 - Barbudo's Cantina - Prescott, AZ - Taken By For Foodies By Foodies

Our waiter was very attentive from the moment we walked in and were seated until the moment we walked out. We had a group of 4 adults and 6 kids with us, yet he was not phased by it. He took care of us very well! For instance, never allowing us to run out of water (which we needed from the spicy burritos), giving each of the kids a quarter to get a piece of gum from the giant gum all machine, bringing fresh chips and salsa the entire time we were there, and getting our orders right.

Overall FFBF Rating: 4.8/5

It is definitely a Baja Californian style Mexican food restaurant, so don’t go there thinking you will get something like Plaza Bonita or some other place.

It is very unique and For Foodies By Foodies absolutely recommends it!

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