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For Foodies By Foodies is a family that is on an adventure to find only the best restaurants in Prescott, AZ and beyond to share with you. We won’t share a restaurant that we wouldn’t approve of as a “foodie” restaurant.

Our Story.

the Foodie family since 2012

“My wife helped me to learn to really enjoy the taste, texture, and find the difference in good food compared to bad food.”

Hi there! We’re the For Foodies By Foodies Family!

My name is Devon and my lovely wife’s name is Jacky. Along with our four children, we are on the adventure of a lifetime to find the best restaurants in the Prescott, AZ area and beyond! We love to travel, so you’ll see different places that we’ve travelled (such as Phoenix, AZ and Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico) and found some great foodie restaurants.

Jacky started as the first Foodie of our family. She grew in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and thus was exposed to some of the best Mexican food in the world. She started exploring the depths and heights of the culinary world in high school when she became the President of the Cooking Club. When she graduated, she went to an international cooking school that was open for a short time here in Prescott, AZ. During that time, her horizon was broadened to a foodie world view! She then worked in a Chinese restaurant for 4 years and learned the excellence of cooking from a very strict, and abnormally clean Chinese restaurant owner that my wife still to this day says is her favorite restaurant in the world!

I didn’t grow up with as much of a foodie taste, although I did always enjoy food. What teenage boy doesn’t? I also wound up working in a restaurant where I would come up with different types of food that weren’t on the menu to try. I wound up meeting Jacky and that’s when I was exposed to what amazing cooking was! Not only that, but my wife helped me to learn to really enjoy the taste, texture, and find the difference in good food compared to bad food. She also turned me on to Gordan Ramsey, the restaurant and food critic extraordinaire!

While dating, we would go to different restaurants that were favorites of her’s for me to try. She loved watching my expressions when I would try something new.

Once we got married in January of 2012, we started trying even more. We traveled to Mexico for the first time together for Christmas of 2012 and my food horizon expanded beyond the border!

In 2014, we move for a few years to 29 Palms, CA and then to Marion, IL. In each of these small towns, since there wasn’t a lot to do, we put it on ourselves to find the best restaurants in town. Neither of us drink, do drugs, smoke, party, etc. So, what DO we do? We go to church and are highly involved there… and we’re foodies!

We moved back to Prescott, AZ in 2018 with our, by this point, 2 kids. Oh, and let me stop right there for minute…. Did I mention our kids have turned into quite the foodies too? 

Because we’ve tried so many different types of restaurants, they’ve been exposed to way more types of foods and expanded their pallets far more than any other 6 and 3 year old that I know! From sushi to Thai food, from BBQ to Mexican food, from sea-food to Chinese food, and beyond, their pallets know good food! 

They’re along with us for probably 75% of our foodie adventures and we love seeing their faces, especially Matias, our 6 year old boy, light up with they try something new!

Anyways, where was I… ah yes… 2018…

We moved back to Prescott, AZ and realized how many new restaurants had come in while we were gone. We immediately started trying as many as we could. We found that there were restaurants opening up everywhere!

Somewhere along the way, I started taking pictures of our food. A couple times, I’d be talking with someone and they’d ask what was a good place to eat and I’d mention one. They’d ask, “what do you get there?” and I’d pull out my phone and show them the pictures I’d taken, to which they almost always said, “Wow! Did you take those?”

They loved the food pictures almost as much as we loved tasting the food! Almost…

This started happening more and more often, to where before I knew it, I had more than 800 pictures of food on my phone and it was quickly filling up! Someone asked if I had an Instagram or Facebook and I said, “no, but it’s not a bad idea.” They told me I should start a blog…

I chewed on it for a while, along with more than 10 other restaurants… just kidding, I don’t know how many restaurants and pictures it was before I made a choice to start this.

But, I figured I might as well start practicing. Thus, I became a Local Guide on Google and started adding reviews and pictures.

One of the first pictures I add was from a place in Phoenix called Lupita’s Hot Dogs. It went viral! In a week it had more than 10,000 views and I got notified by Google Maps about it.

This opened my eyes to the potential and thus, I upped my Google game. To date, I’ve now added more than 80 reviews, of which more than half are restaurants!

Also along the way, I stumbled across a problem… Google only has one rating system. A 5 Star rating. 

That’s it. 

No more. No less.

I started breaking down my reviews by the food, the service, and the cleanliness. Each piece of food we order always gets it’s own rating. The service gets it’s own rating. The cleanliness gets it’s own rating. Sometimes, atmosphere gets it’s own rating.

The reason for this is that we saw a number of small restaurants that had amazing food for foodies, but perhaps didn’t have the best service or wasn’t the cleanest. We realized that someone’s bad experience with the service or cleanliness shouldn’t have to stain the entire experience for others. 

Thus, we’re out to change review systems in the future! © For Foodies By Foodies 2020!!!


We finally decided to get started and here we are. 

Enjoy life. Enjoy food.

For Foodies By Foodies,

Devon and Jacky Ryals

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